Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Learning Log #6: Socializing Networks

I came across this website that listed the Top 10 Socializing Networks of 2009. It's unbelievable how many there really are. You think about the most popular ones like Facebook or Myspace, but there are ones for certain countries that are popular in those countries. I never realized how many there really are and how popular they have become in the last five years. It's crazy to think that ten years ago, people wouldn't have thought to communicate through a website, but only through e-mail or none-the-less the telephone which people think is ancient.

The top two socializing networks are Facebook and Myspace, but after that I have no idea what the networks are. I've never heard of them before. It makes me interested what they do, and it's weird that I think that because I do have a facebook and that's all I should need. There's even tons of Instant Messaging Programs, such as, AIM from AOL, MSN, Skype, OoVoo or Ichat. Why is there such a need for multiple socializing networks? Why are some better than others or why do people prefer ones over other ones? I guess depending on what their friends use is how people go. There are a lot of choices for people to choose from.

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