Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Learning Log #3: Are those instructional books really for dummies?

In the article, “Don’t be so quick to embrace your own ignorance”, explains that those instructional book that are, “for dummies” are in a sense, dumb themselves. How can something be, “for dummies” when they do not even know how to do something? People need to learn to know how to do something. This relates back to the reading of Norman’s, “The Design of Everyday Things” because he states that it takes human experience and interaction to know to do something. This also relates to the chapter about helplessness. People end up blaming themselves about not knowing how to do something and these books deliberately insult them for wanting to even learn how to do it. I agree very much with this article because why should someone be questioned of their intelligence by purchasing a book that helps try to master what they want to learn? He states, “If there’s something you don’t currently know how to do, please decide not to be a dummy or an idiot. You’re as smart as you always were, you’re just looking to learn something new”. I really like this statement because people become embarrassed in trying to learn something. I know I wouldn’t want to buy one of those “for dummies” books because I would be too embarrassed to buy it. I wouldn’t want someone thinking I was dumb. I know that I am not, but the books themselves act as if you are.

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